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Fred Hoppe is the best choice for NAHB’s Third Vice Chair because he talks housing. Hoppe has a heart for serving others, is passionate about the homebuilding industry and believes that advocacy is key to making positive forward progress. Hoppe is focused on building workforce housing – housing for the average guy. Unlike his competitors, Fred Hoppe has a diverse background in single-family, multi-family and commercial real estate, as well as advocacy, which would serve the industry well.

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“Fred has done a great job in many leadership roles within NAHB. He is a true advocate for all members and showed his passion as the past chairman of Build-PAC, helping to raise over $3 million in the 2-year cycle.”

-Ann Garvey, CGA, CSP, CAPS, President and Owner of A&J Construction and Consulting

“Fred actively monitors what is going on within the housing industry and consistently stays ahead of the problems that arise. He is a seasoned professional who is ready to take on tough issues and work through conflicts, and as a great listener and communicator, he can easily work through those issues and conflicts. I think this is a very important trait for someone at this level, and especially considering our current political environment. I full support Fred and his hard work for the industry.”

-Scott Sevon, GMR, GMB, CAPS, CGP, CGR, Managing Partner at MAW Chicago

“I have known Fred Hoppe both through NAHB and socially for over ten years. I have been in his home and toured his businesses. He and I have served together on many NAHB committees, including Association Planning and the Executive Committee. In addition to being a long-time home builder and advocate for housing for all Americans, Fred is a dedicated and extremely capable volunteer leader at NAHB. Fred’s intelligence combined with two generations of experience dealing with housing issues combine to make him the best candidate for the job. Fred will work harder for the NAHB members and the Association than anyone I know. ”

-Stillman Knight, Chairman of the NAHB Resolutions Committee, Past Chairman of the NAHB Association Planning Committee, President and CEO of The Knight Company

“I have known Fred for over 20 years. As a legal mind and a leader within NAHB, Fred has always had the Federation as a first priority. He is also very aware and concerned with ALL members. The builder and associate members can be proud of his hard work and fairness over the years.”

-Robert W. Duff, NAHB Senior Life Director

“I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Fred for several years, and I can attest to the fact that he truly has a heart for the homebuilding industry. His desire to serve and help strengthen and grow the industry is very apparent.”

-Mitch Levinson, MBA, MIRM, CSP, CAPS, CGP, Managing Partner of mRELEVANCE

“I have worked with Fred on different committees over the years and what I see in Fred is a can-do attitude in anything he does. Give Fred a job to do and he attacks it head on. When he was Build-PAC Chair, he worked tirelessly to reach the goal of $3 million. He got everybody energized, and we raised more than the goal amount – that was done because of Fred’s leadership and never quit attitude. Fred understands the importance of advocacy and is fully aware that advocacy helps our members make more money for their businesses and themselves. Fred will be an excellent senior officer because he has the ability to communicate with everyone. He can approach members and government leaders and be comfortable conveying NAHB’s message.

For all of the reasons above, I am supporting Fred Hoppe for Third Vice Chair.”

-Phil Hoffman, Owner of Hoffman Custom Built Homes, Past Chair of NAHB Construction, Codes and Standards Committee

“I have worked with Fred Hoppe, been on Committees he has headed up and worked side-by-side with him on BuildPAC. He is dedicated, strong, open and a great listener. As the head of the NAHB BuildPAC Committee, he was always there to give advice, listen to your thoughts, and he was open to changes. As a personal friend, he was not afraid to share his opinions and stand up for what he believed in. And, he wasn’t afraid to challenge you when he felt it benefited the NAHB. Fred is also a great leader and fantastic team player. It’s never about him – always about what he can do and add to the team: Team NAHB! He encouraged me to become the Chairman of the Platinum Club, and with his support, we increased the membership by 50 percent during my two years as Chair. I not only endorse him as a candidate for NAHB’s Third Vice Chair, but I will personally support him in whatever function within NAHB that he calls upon me to support or endorse.”

-Sonny Antonio, CEO/Owner of Sunshine Design, NAHB Membership Chair 2017, Platinum Club Member

“I’ve known Fred for several years through NAHB by serving with him on the Executive Board, as well as other committees. He knows the ins-and-outs of the housing industry and is always passionate to help others. Fred understands, and is knowledgeable, about the industry, he’s sincere in his work and he is devoted to making a difference”

-Vince Napolitano, President of Napolitano Homes

“It has been my pleasure to work with Fred Hoppe over the past several years at NAHB. Fred has initiative. Fred has drive. Fred has passion, and Fred has advocacy running through his veins. He KNOWS how to get things done for our industry. It wasn’t until Fred pushed our local and state associations to work harder for BuildPAC a few years ago that we truly recognized the strength of this federation…and we are now very proud of what we’ve accomplished. Fred is a solid leader, a tireless advocate for housing, and a true friend to South Dakota. I support Fred Hoppe for NAHB’s Third Vice Chair, as he’ll do what’s right for our industry, today and every day!”

-Kim Hefner-Hines, Vice President/General Manager of Allen Homes, Owner of H & H Design

“It’s tough to find a great leader, one who is intelligent, has passion for industry, who represents us well. We’ve got that in Fred Hoppe. Last year, he was selected to be the chairman of one of our most important committees, BuildPac. He was given a two-year goal to raise $3 million. I was not surprised, but very impressed, when finding he was $130,000 light, he went after it. He talked to people about the reasons to give and by the end of the weekend he had met the goal! This is just one of the many things Fred Hoppe has already done for the National Association of Home Builders.  We need Fred.”

-Robin Newhouse, Dominion Virginia Power, Past NAHB Membership Chair

“I’ve known Fred Hoppe for more than 10 years, and have served with him at NAHB. I know that Fred has the drive and passion for our industry that is needed to keep housing a priority in our nation. He is committed to work for all of us at NAHB as a leader who can get things done. He is relentless in his pursuit of the very best for NAHB and all of its members, and is ready to tackle the tough issues that housing will face in the future. Fred is a friend and mentor, and I am proud to support him for NAHB Third Vice Chairman”

-Keith Butz, Past President of HBA of Greater Des Moines, Owner of
K-B Builders, LLC

“Fred and I have both served as National Vice Presidents (at the same time!) and have been very active on the Multifamily Council and the Housing Credit Group. Knowing Fred for over 10 years, I have seen firsthand how he handles delicate situations and have no doubt that he will serve our industry well. He is a very smart and practical guy; he will take a stand on controversial issues and fight for what he believes in. He is dedicated to seeing the NAHB grow and will create a positive change within the housing industry as he works tirelessly to create and protect affordable housing.”

-R.L. “Bobby” Bowling IV, President of Tropicana Building

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